What’s wrong with my generation?

Technology. The root cause of what’s wrong with my generation. We have this sense of “I deserve” attitude. We think posting on social media makes us somebody. Above all there’s no “if it’s broke let’s fix it” attitude. It’s as if nobody wants to work for anything anymore. They take the easier route cause “that will take forever”, “I’m tired as it is”. What happened to actually working towards something? Listening to those wiser and older? Respecting others OPINIONS, being content starting from the bottom and working your way up? The theme of today is “Don’t Settle”. Well that’s understandable and agreeable but I constantly see people of my generation turning DOWN opportunities because it’s not “what they want” meaning they refuse to start at the bottom of the totem pole when they WANT to be on top. Why? It’s a lot more fulfilling if you work your way towards success not automatically receiving it. Success, trust, respect, all have to be earned. On the other hand I’ve also seen people get handed what they want, dream job, everything and turn it down. This generation wants to prove so badly we are grown, we are mature but can’t a make an adult decision based on being uncomfortable? Talk about “Don’t settle”…life is one giant ball of uncomfortability. We want to have something to show or brag about for social media but when it comes to actually having “it” or doing “it” no responsibility wants to be taken outside of the wonderful internet. We hide from facing our problems but sure as hell will subtweet or indirectly make a post about something or someone instead of facing the situation head on.

I myself make these mistakes, I’m not here to say oh I’m this perfect millennial at all but I do think my thought process is a tad different. Also not saying every single person in my generation is like this either. I’m just talk about what seems to popular among this group. In general we need to focus on life outside social media. It’s human nature to want acceptance but in reality there’s very very few situations or people that you should want acceptance, the rest live life and love your life and yourself not thriving off the likes of others.

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