Social Media Rant Part 2


So! Lately..liiiike past three weeks lately, I have had the worst self esteem and I feel like social media, I.E. Instagram, is bothering me and correlated with the whole low self esteem feels. The whole “loving myself” has gone through it’s ups and downs just like anyone else in the world but there’s no reason why I should be feeling this way considering my starting point before losing weight.

ANYWHO! Instagram can make a person feel like they look like a big ole pile of shit. Between the filters, good quality pictures, and the amount of fake shit you can do to your face (fillers), it can make a normal person feel below average. And how I feel isn’t even like I feel fat, it has been more I have the ugliest face in the entire solar system. Anyone else get in these mood every now and then? I’m not even sure what brought this on and I have never considered myself anything spectacular like a solid 6ish on a good day but it sucks feeling so shitty about yourself. The actual social media rant of this post….

A good handful of people have said that a lot of times Instagram makes them feel insecure. It’s filled with a bunch of pretty, picture perfect people showing all of their best angles and for those who aren’t famous or have butt loads of money you’re just meh on the site. It’s so silly how a damn app can affect a person’s thought process on themselves, some girls I know have even deleted the app for a bit because it makes them feel so insecure. But like why?! Social media shouldn’t affect a person’s self esteem ya know? Idk things are weird this day and age if you ask me lol. It’s just super dumb how somebody you don’t even know makes you feel this way when they only reason they look like their picture is because they have money and edit the fuck out of it. Social media should be fun and a way to connect not to compare.

Plus as stupid as this is going to sound Valentines day is coming up and not gonna lie it’s put me in a shitty mood cause I think of my ex and makes me miss him and to have that affection and allllll caught up in my feels, UGH! lol I guess I’ve got those seasonal blues right now and the weather lately hasn’t helped from where I am located. Just the mix of social media pressures/influences, feeling UGLAY, missing my ex, the weather…just going through a very blah time. Bright side though I get my hair done for during spring break wooooooooot woooooot! Nothing like a little hair appointment to look forward to make me feel pretty lol. That’s my little life update since I have last checked in, again anyone reading this suggest what all you would like see me post! This is basically just a diary to me but if you like my blog I am wide open for any suggestions!


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