That New Year New Me Bullshit

HAPPY 2018!! Man oh man what a year 2017 was! Went from what I thought was happiness to heart break to finding actual happiness. A few of the things 2017 taught me was life should be lived to the fullest and do what you want so you don’t go shoulda coulda woulda later on. It also taught me how strong I really am mentally and physically. I also met a lot of really cool people and made some new relationships along the way. In a nutshell 2017 was pretty darn good year! So what’s next for 2018?

I have not made a New Year’s Resolution in several years and to be honest I don’t think they’re necessary. I will be making some goals for the new year though. One of them finding my faith again. Religion is a personal and touchy subject for most people and what I say does not mean you have to think that way too. A little background, I was born into the Catholicism, was baptized as a baby, went to Catholic school up until college (now), and I guess in a way never was given a choice of what Religion to claim. I’ve never not believed but the past four years or so I have doubted and questioned A LOT. When I was in my relationship I became almost sarcastic about having beliefs and felt embarrassed to admit to that person that deep down I do believe. So now I have decided to journey my way back to God. This is my own choice and something I feel is the last piece to my puzzle to complete my personal happiness and fulfillment. Also, this will probably be the only time I mention it as of right now because I really want to focus on it in a personal way and become connected while figuring out where this journey takes me. Second goal of 2018, be more generous and open minded. I have been close minded for the past two years and realized that’s not really me and it’s time to change that. Lastly, be more present. It’s easy to get wrapped up in social media and our phones, that being present within the moment has almost become foreign to some people. I am not perfect and am not always being present so I think it’s something to be aware of this year. Now that I am in a good place and the happiest I have ever been I think starting the year off with these goals to eventually make habits is a fantastic way to continue how things have been. And I call these goals instead of resolutions because I have already revolutionized myself and these are just things to go along with that.

Speaking of being present! Have not posted much on this at alllll (but who actually reads this besides my mom lolz) because I have been enjoying the people around me and soaking in the time I spend with close friends and loved ones. To be honest this has been the last thing on my mind but maybe a small goal of 2018 is to post more frequently. Hope everyone had a good start to the New Year! And to anyone who reads these what type of posts are you interested in and would like for me to post more of? Any feedback is mucho appreciated!

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