I swear I’m not dead

Its been a good hot minute since I have last posted buuuut I actually have some free time and the semester is over and my meet is done! Little update I ended this semester really well compared to last year and didn’t get anything lower than a B which I am super happy about. My meet ended going really well got 6/9 lifts and performed with the flu so I will take it! Also since I last posted I got to meet one of my top fitness inspirations and my gym! These past 7 months have been the best months of my life in all honesty. I am so grateful for all the struggles I went through that led me here and super grateful for all of the people I met in 2017! It feels really good to end this year on a such a happy and positive note. I don’t really have much to say as of late, been enjoying life and the people in it. All I can say is it feels to be stress free for once!

On a side note this off season training I’ve started has allowed me to enjoy the gym again. Toward the end of my prep I was just tired and went because I knew I had to but having a little freedom had allowed me have fun. I am really excited to see what I will bring to the platform next meet healthy and not sick. But until then hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and enjoys their loved ones throughout the rest of this holiday season! Nothing big has really happened lately so this is a short post/ update since I have been MIA!



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