Social Media is Dumb but We Check it Anyways

Good ole social media! I remember when I first got a Facebook and used it to talk to my classmates and to have fun with it. Social media, I feel like, has changed so much since my 7th grade year. Some people may disagree with what I am about to say and thats fine so here it goes…

Vanity. This word is the first thing to pop into my head about social media, especially instagram. Yes everybody posts selfies at their best angles and only posts the most aesthetic looking things but in all honesty who the fuck cares. Social media has gotten so vain and ridiculous to where they feel like it actually matters what they post, when they post, or how they post. I remember caring how many followers I had and how many likes I got on a picture but I changed my perspective on social media in the last year or so realizing there are way more important things than the likes and the followers or being motherf*****g instagram famous. *BTW this totally does not include businesses because they do it from a business standpoint.* As far as just a person having an IG account, since when did all of these “rules” come about on posting? I understand if somebody wants to “build a brand” off their social media but why is there an unneeded stress about it? Just be true to you and post what you want, not what you feel like you have to in order to “gain” followers. People should follow you because you are authentic not because you fit the mold of all these “big” accounts. Lets be honest here too, a good percentage of people who follow you really don’t give a shit about what you have to say anyways. Most people follow someone because 1) they envy your lifestyle or something you have 2) they’re nosy 3) you’re attractive. Only a handful of people follow a person because of what they have to say and most usually those are people who are in their personal life. Don’t get me wrong I will continue to use social media and post selfies and all that shizz but at the end of the day followers and likes do not fulfill me nor should they fulfill anyone. Social media shouldn’t be something to feed your ego it should be used to show who you are authentically not what you need to be for followers. I see this a lot with fitness accounts, they calculate what to post and putting the perfect caption mainly for click bait and in the hopes of more followers, getting a high off the attention only to make their ego bigger when in reality they ain’t shit in real life. Social media can’t replace real life, so many people get wrapped up into this media world where it takes over their physical life. Constantly looking for photo opportunities. People have lost the art of physical communication due to how wrapped up this world has gotten into something so dumb and meaningless to actual life.

This has just been something I have been notching and bothers me because there shouldn’t be a calculation with social media!! It shouldn’t matter if you have a nice camera to take better quality pictures or to buy certain plates to make your meals look more attractive. Post something because YOU want to. Fitting into the aesthetically pleasing world is boring anyways..everybody seems the same. Be different, be you, use social media for fun not for vanity. Perfection is boring and lame. I’m not saying we should stop using it but just think about what’s your reasoning for posting before actually posting it because in reality we shouldn’t have to think “will this get me those most attention or will this get me more followers”..we shouldn’t have to think when it comes to a post. The moment a person starts think about the likes and followers their ego and head get so big and their social media ends up controlling them whether they realize it or not. There’s a difference on how an account looks like where someone who does not care to someone who tried to fit this persona. All platforms of social media should used for your personal use and if you want a following use it to help others not to boost your ego.

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