A little bit about me

Hello world! First off to those reading this my name is Charliann (Charlie-Ann..cause errrybody says it wrong lol) I am currently a student at Eastern Kentucky University and am majoring in Fitness/Wellness Management. Fitness is my thang (clearly since I chose to study it) and have been through many journey’s in my own fitness saga. I have always wanted to write a blog so I’m saying f*** it and finally writing one! Not making this a fitness based blog but more of a what’s on my mind and follow my journey through life type of thing.

Some background, I was a fat kid growing up and sadly was body conscience at a very young age but always had this deep passion to be a “fitness” person. My journey started around 13. As cliche as this sounds I basically woke up one day and decided I’m going to pursue this vision of being a fitness person (and the rest is history lol). Things started off small, mainly diet changes, fast forward a couple years later and started working out at home. The big kickstart for me was the year I decided to be homeschooled. The online program I was enrolled with had a mandatory P.E. class and being an online program I would submit an activity journal every two weeks. This was the year I realized fitness was something I was meant to do. Like I said started off working out at home, using our treadmill and bow flex machine in the garage, to using a nike app with built in body weight circuits. I continued at home workouts until I was 20 and finally got myself into a gym. I had started to get burnt out with at home style workouts and it wasn’t until I dated someone at EKU who powerlifted and realized weight training is what I want to do next! This person never pushed me to go to the gym or made me think I had to but watching them and talking to them struck a fire in me to advance myself physically. Fast forward a couple years later (age 22) and have found my happy place with fitness and life. Sadly, the relationship ended about 6 months ago but I can thank that person for helping me realize what my purpose in life is. After the break up I decided to start powerlifting and am currently prepping for my first meet in December. In all honesty writing this and thinking about how long it has taken and how far I have come mentally and physically in 8 years is pretty f***ing amazing! The craziest part to me is the little handful of people I have connected with since powerlifting and am incredibly grateful to have met. Going to end my first here before things clash together!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more!

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